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Love of cities.

BLOG 1.  Love of cities.

"Lucky me to be born in Havana, and there I became a singer of songs..."

Celia Cruz, La Dicha Mia.  With Johnny Pacheco).

Like Celia, lucky me to be born in Havana, and there I became a lover of cities. As a child, I loved the city’s lively streets and squares; walking fast with my father and going to Carnaval in the Paseo del Prado with my mother and sister.  I still recall when where my 3rd grade teacher took us on a field trip to the Plaza Vieja in old Havana and taught us the Law of the Indies.

I learned that beautiful sites are born, and beautiful cities are built.  I became an architect to build beautiful cities and create happy places.     

Cities can bring joy and happiness; they can also be fearful places. Cities can encompass the full range of human passions, its virtues: love, truth, hard-work, justice, honesty, dignity, wisdom, courage, patience, and vices: vanity, greed, envy, and corruption.

Cities and landscapes tell stories. How to tell these stories? Typically, the story of urban design was an epic with a visionary hero: the architect, the king, the leader. After Pruit Igoe was destroyed, the story of urban design was retold as a folly, as hubris.  

Here, we will share our urban design adventures, our travels, and travails. PROJECTS will include both built and proposed projects. On occasion, we will shift narrative perspective to share lessons gleaned along the way; MIRIAM’S MUSINGS will include meditations on polis and politics, on art and fashion. 

Join us on our journey.